What Happens When Modern Day Church, Pride And False Doctrine Joined At The Hip

What Happens When Modern Day Church, Pride And False Doctrine Joined At The Hip.

I thought about this hard and long, before I decided to post about it. I already know that a lot of preacher’s or religiousleader’s as we call them, have a problem when it come’s to calling out “fellow religious leaders.”  But the question is; should they?  If every Christian and religious leader believes in  God and in the Word, then why would any professed religious leader, be reluctant to set a “scripture supported” record straight?  Believe it or not, speaking out or against any religious leader today, can lead to verbal assault or unwarranted anger, between both or all party’s involved.  Even though God’s commands are very cut and dry, regardless of whether or not one believes them to be literal or not, they are what they are. Yet, these same leader’s utilize entire sermons in God’s pulpit, defending things that are flesh inspired and amount to no more than trying to prove false doctrine.

How can church leader’s spend 1-3 hours talking about stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with salvation, how to walk with God or when to ask for forgiveness for your sins. Even more important; Why are so many preachers reluctant to admit when a fellow church leader blatantly sin. We learn from each others sins. In essence, how can a man or woman of God be afraid to discuss man’s errors in his ways, when those errors put the salvation of follower’s at risk?

And to make matters worse, some even take time out to explain why you should forgive a church leader whose in error;  and unlike Bible scripture, modern church leaders always fail to focus on the specifics of an error. This is a spiritual injustice to God’s people. It’s like church leader’s are intentionally hiding things from the people they lead. Somehow they find it easier to just act like it never happened. But, real Christian’s want truth. They don’t want to be coerced into tolerating and ignoring inexcusable behavior from church leaders, simply because they hold powerful or important positions. Continue reading

(WTF)? Leaked; Reporter Says Bishop Eddie Long Settled Sex Coercion Case For $24.8 Mil_From (Re-Post My Babe in Christ Blog)

According to a news post; hot off the “Hip Hop Wired” press, By Danielle Canada, June 9, 2011, 14:40pm: According to a Robert Redding Jr. of Redding News Review.com, a source says , It had been speculated that Bishop Long paid out more that $15 million to keep the case sealed and the details secret. But that was an under estimate.

And reporter Robert “Rob” Redding Jr. of ReddingNewsReview.com shared that a source corroborated that Bishop Eddie Long, of New Birth Missionary Baptist church, in Lithonia, GA, paid the four young men, who accused him of sexual coercion___ $24.8 Mil to settle the case out of court. The post further adds that Long had already initiated a payment plan with the four young men under different terms to settle the case, for much less?????He had even offered them a private apology? “Private apology huh!” This is what came back to bite him in his butt. A private part too!

And if this is not enough to make you want to vomit; According to the Hip Hop Post that I just read… “It appears that if Long had humbled himself and publicly apologized to the young men”, he would have gotten off for a fraction of what he ended up settling for:

Or;  should I say; a fraction of what “New Birth Missionary Baptist Church‘s collection fund will eventually pay out.” According to blogger Danielle Canada’s “Hip Hop Wired post”, reporter Redding disclosed that; initially a settlement agreement of $2.2 Million was to be shared equally among the four young men. They were being paid in installments of $40,000.00 each. However, the “poop” hit the fan when Bishop Long refused to publicly admit his guilt. This is what the four young men wanted.

So, rather than apologize publicly, Long dug deep down inside and found the gall to ask for; take; or whatever; more than $24 million dollars of what has to be mostly church funds, from his church, to pay off his accusers, in his sexual coercion case. Now let’s go over this again; It appears that the situation had been resolved amicably, until the young men demanded some transparency, which in their minds consisted of a public apology from Bishop Long. “Why wouldn’t Long make a public apology, if he had already made a private one?” Was the private apology genuine? I mean really, “shouldn’t Long have done everything in his power, to cut or absolve his church from any financial liability, involving his sex sexual coercion case?”

And you wonder why the world as a whole, behaves as if they hate what the church has become. And they even find it difficult these days to take church leaders seriously.

Essentially, at the end of the day, what had been settled for $2.2 Mil, collectively, rose to $5.5 Mil each…According to reporter Redding, via Hip Hop Wired, in Danielle Canada’s post. Today the young men are to divide $2.2 Mil equally, and receive $400,000.00 in payments over the next 20 years, until the $24.8 Mil is paid in full.

“Does the term educated fool or the word arrogance come to mind?” And again, whose navigating at New Birth? Are the members there simply zombies or what? Who approved these asinine settlement figures. After all, just a few months ago, Long announced that New Birth had to lay off staff and that he took a salary cut??? Did any of those moves have anything to do with Long’s ability to pay off these four young men?

Who has that kind of power in any church? “Surely the members would have to be involved in the approval process of a,  financial pay-out of this magnitude, right?” Did they have all of the facts? Better yet, did they even have a say?

I’m just sick by this and situations like this make me question the character of so-called Christians too…Why even go to a church?