Doctors Are Not Honest With Women About Synthetic Hormones Like Levothroxine & Synthroid; They Do Contribute to Excessive Weight Gain; Women Like Me Are Furious!

Doctors Are Not Honest With Women About Synthetic Hormones Like Levothroxine & Synthroid; They Do Contribute to Excessive Weight Gain; Women Like Me Are Furious!.


Should Pastor’s Be Held Accountable For Misleading Their Congregations

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I don’t care how old you are, you can learn something from somebody or from something. A man who goes by; TGO- and who identified himself as not a Christian, left a comment on an earlier post that I did. Part of his comment really made me think. He said; “To your point: preachers, like cops, belong to a sort of brotherhood. As such, they are careful not to criticize each other. That is to be expected. They are no different than you or I who protect our friends or family members against strangers, even when we know they did something wrong; it’s human nature.”

Man is he right. Boy; is that sad! “Talking about the truth hurting.” This is hurtful and shameful ,truth that cuts to the bone. In essence, policemen have their “Blue Shield” and men of the cloth have their “White Shield ,” which they use to protect and cover-up for each other, regardless of whether or not the person they’re protecting is in the right or in the wrong.

However, there is one major difference here. (Men of the cloth took vows, got ordained and accepted a call from God to lead his people). Now to believer’s this should mean something. And it should mean more than, reciting scriptures on forgiveness, every time a church leader falls. Scriptures on repentance, humility, guidance and consequences for one’s actions, should be inclusive. Because; there are God’s actions and then there are worldly consequences. And just because a perpertrator is a preacher, doesn’t mean that he should’nt be held accountable for wrongs.

But for many, that would be too difficult, to time-consuming and too much like right! Christian’s have a moral obligation to police God’s house, protect it, adore it, support it and keep it clean.

And to do this you have to be an honest and upright person. Even though it maybe easier not to demand accountability and humility, when church leader’s error and blatantly lead member’s astray; it’s wrong not to clean house! You don’t have to evict your leader, but he or she may need to step down depending on the situation.


1 Corinthians Ch3:16-17Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you? 17If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

Sex & The Bible; “What Happened in The Garden Stayed in The Garden”

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6/9/11 Re-Post from my Babe in Christ Blog

For as far back as I can remember, what people mostly remember about Adam and Eve is that they sinned, when they ate from the forbidden fruit tree, which stood in the middle of the garden. Everybody seems to understand that;  We all agree that  Adam and Eve disobeyed God“, angered Him and because of that, they were cursed and kicked out of the garden.

This curse proved to be the curse of all curses. Parts of the curse consisted of;  but was not limited to;

Genesis 3; 16-17 ” To the woman he said,“I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children. Your desire shall be for [6] your husband, and he shall rule over you.”   17 And to Adam he said, “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you, ‘You shall not eat of it,’ cursed is the ground because of you; in pain you shall eat of it all the days of your life;”

However, what I want to talk about is the significance of “The Tree of Knowledge.” Because in order for us to understand our predicament today, we must understand what that tree symbolized. Why was it in the center of the garden? What did this tree have on it and in it, that was so sacred it had to be forbidden? Why was God so protective of one tree?

Keep in mind, Adam and Eve didn’t eat from the tree because they were hungry. They ate from the tree because they allowed Satan‘s “spirit of discontentedness” to settle in and they were inquisitive, even thought they were missing out on something. The serpent tricked Eve. She became obsessed with “The Tree of Life.”  And since obsession is also a spirit of Satan, once she made a decision to listen to the serpent, it was on!  The serpent had powers, but they were dark powers, whereas God was the God of light, which automatically put the two at odds with each other.

Once Adam and Eve allowed an evil spirit to trick them, “making them think the grass was greener on the other side” they lost sight of what was real and what was not.

Therefore, even though they had a perfect life, they wanted more. Let’s talk about that perfect life.

Picture this; God created a perfect man and then made for him, (from him), a perfect woman. And before God did any of this, He created a perfect world. That perfect world was initially without form, empty and darkness was over the surface of the deep. The spirit of God was hovering over the waters.  Everything about this creation was deliberate and intricately orchestrated.

The architecture was superb and divine. He separated the light from the darkness. He then named that separation, “day and “”night.” He was what we can imagine as a Divinearchitect”  So this Divine architect saw fit to place an expanse between the waters to separate water from water. Water under the sky was gathered to one place and dry land was allowed. And because God was pleased with what He had done so far, He called for land to produce vegetation…He was complete in all He did.

I know you want to know where I’m going with this. So let me tell you.

Considering the fact that God was so deliberate in all that He did, as well as elaborate, particular, intricate and precise, about the makings of earth and the establishment of  “The Garden of Eve”, as well as it’s occupants, why would He omit detailed information or knowledge about Adam and Eve’s intimate life? Well, the fact that it was omitted is of the essence. The reason this omission of knowledge is so important, is because God omitted an entity of the institution of marriage, which was and is an imperative and essential form of  intimate communication. “Making love” is the ultimate expression of physical love, between a man and woman. This is where it seems apparent that God never intended for “sexual relations” to be a socially promoted or exploited act. Making love or having sexual relations, was obviously created by God, as a private and sensual expression of one’s love for one another. But, man has successfully defiled that.

Here on earth, excuses for criminal, inappropriate and lecherousness sexual behavior, will continue to be accepted. However we will find in the bible that: “God was un-apologetic and aggressive, in his dealings concerning punishment for adultery, unnatural sexual relations and, sexual violations.” Much like what went on during the days of Israel‘s plight, our world has mobilized and joined forces with evil. What God meant for private, the world made public. Too much knowledge…. Individuals who have pretty mates, aren’t satisfied. They keep looking for something prettier. And then there’s the man or woman with the big house, who wants an even bigger one. Like Adam and Eve, they too have a way out, but they choose to keep reaching, until there’s nothing more to achieve, here on earth. God gave us the ability to choose right from wrong.  That ability is our weapon against the serpent, which is knowledge. Yes, knowledge became the serpent, once Adam and Eve set it free. The opening of Adam and Eve’s eyes, is of great significance to the essence of what happened in “The Garden Of Eve.”

Just look around today: ” The husband wants a wife who acts like a lady on the street and a prostitute in the bed.” And, that may even be acceptable, because there’s no instruction manual in the bible, for husbands and wives to use, as a reference guide for making love. However, the problem with SEX in general seems to have hatched, when people  commenced to pervert and publicize SEX.  Think about it; Knowledge is dispersed in many ways. And knowledge is associated with every aspect of life. The serpent has led us to believe that we are remiss, in our quest for seeking and obtaining more and more knowledge. Like Adam and Eve, we believe that we are missing out on something. And like them we won’t quit, until we destroy ourselves. “We are too smart for our own good.”  Playboy and Hustler wasn’t enough. Peep shows got boring and prostitution went high-tech! Knowledge is at the root of every perceived piece of progress and over-shadowed by evil. In many instances, what man assumes is progress, is actually a  preview of his eventual ruin.

We want to live on the moon, we want to put a monkey’s brain in a human’s head or a dog’s brain in a cat’s head. Then we want to make babies in tubes, breast bigger, stop the aging process, interfere with a young girl’s puberty, by chemically halting her menstrual cycle.  The serpent is running ramped and we can’t see him, because he is disguised as knowledge. He’s making the world think they’re invincible and smarter than the average bear….

And then there’s those “weapons of mass destruction”  which will ultimately become a weapon against those who created them. Knowledge should make us understand this, but instead its blinding us, with our own arrogance and spirit of discontentedness…”spirits the serpent is most famous for.”

The internet will one day prove to be the world’s supreme serpent of knowledge. With it we see a meticulous breed of immortality festering within it. “Information highway as it is known” is a knowledgeable and sinister force to be reckoned with. A paperless infinite network, which inconspicuously became a catalyst for sexual predators, perverts, scam artists, race haters, and various other criminals deviates. Too bad however;  that within the internet’s invisible atmospheric platform of vast and elusive brilliance, that  crafty “serpent of knowledge” prevails. “Too much knowledge will be our demise.” And don’t get it twisted. Knowledge within and of itself, is not the serpent. The kind of knowledge that will deliver our demise is that which is entrenched with a serpent’s evil spirit, whose only mission is to seek, kill and destroy.

Once Adam and Eve ate from the tree, they exposed themselves to human nature, problems and struggles. They found out what pain feels like, grief, desire, disappointment and more. Essentially, knowledge became the world’s worst nightmare, and nobody seemed to recognize the nucleus of its wrath. Even though the bible warned us, we still didn’t and don’t get it.  Knowledge is like the serpent that tricked Eve into believing God was holding out on her. It’s deceitful and brings with it a wicked and self-serving contagiousness, unless God is in control in your life. The most destructive component of worldly knowledge, is it’s ability to persuade man to challenge and test God.

As an example;  people have been persuaded to believe that marriage is not an institution and that book sense, replaces common sense. The most devastating error of worldly knowledge, is that it suggests that spiritual intelligence is inferior to human intelligence.  The serpent’s knowledge,  is all over the place, it’s oblivious, but can never be omnipotent like God.

(OMG), “how we have angered the Lord!” There are several chapters in the bible which shed light oh how God viewed those who indulged in public, lascivious and obscene sexual behavior. There’s not even one mention of a time, when even a prostitutes described how she serviced her client sexually! There’s just no sexually explicit information in the bible,  that depicts, expounds, or reports the cloistered intimate enactment of one’s sexual encounters. This scares me, because in this world “it’s all about SEX.” So how do we as Christians justify this? We’re certainly not making a conscious effort to  collectively reject the notion that “sex in the streets is OK.” And what I mean by “sex in the streets” is that society promotes illicit, unmarried and unprotected sex. And just look where this thought process landed us.

Adam and Eve enjoyed a beautiful, unrestrained, shame free existence, before eating from “The Tree of Knowledge.” The tree was named…The key word in the name of that tree is KNOWLEDGE….go figure!

This brings me to another point. As I look back over the years, I can’t help but see the extensive,  irreparable moral and spiritual  harm that has been passed on to our children. “They can’t see the forest for the trees.” In fact, they don’t even want to think that far ahead. They are the microwave generation, living for today. The word legacy means nothing to them, yet the word SEX means the world to them. Like Adam and Eve they’ve been kicked out of the garden. They have eaten from the tree of knowledge too. “They are too smart for their own good.”

There’s something Satanic about the world and SEX. The importance placed on publicizing it and the prevalence of it, is unusually grievous. Our souls are in danger and eternal salvation is all but impossible for many. Of all the sins that the world flagrantly engages in, the nature and extent of man’s SEXUAL SINS have become particularly distressing for and to Christians. God is gravely grieved.

(WTF)? Leaked; Reporter Says Bishop Eddie Long Settled Sex Coercion Case For $24.8 Mil_From (Re-Post My Babe in Christ Blog)

According to a news post; hot off the “Hip Hop Wired” press, By Danielle Canada, June 9, 2011, 14:40pm: According to a Robert Redding Jr. of Redding News, a source says , It had been speculated that Bishop Long paid out more that $15 million to keep the case sealed and the details secret. But that was an under estimate.

And reporter Robert “Rob” Redding Jr. of shared that a source corroborated that Bishop Eddie Long, of New Birth Missionary Baptist church, in Lithonia, GA, paid the four young men, who accused him of sexual coercion___ $24.8 Mil to settle the case out of court. The post further adds that Long had already initiated a payment plan with the four young men under different terms to settle the case, for much less?????He had even offered them a private apology? “Private apology huh!” This is what came back to bite him in his butt. A private part too!

And if this is not enough to make you want to vomit; According to the Hip Hop Post that I just read… “It appears that if Long had humbled himself and publicly apologized to the young men”, he would have gotten off for a fraction of what he ended up settling for:

Or;  should I say; a fraction of what “New Birth Missionary Baptist Church‘s collection fund will eventually pay out.” According to blogger Danielle Canada’s “Hip Hop Wired post”, reporter Redding disclosed that; initially a settlement agreement of $2.2 Million was to be shared equally among the four young men. They were being paid in installments of $40,000.00 each. However, the “poop” hit the fan when Bishop Long refused to publicly admit his guilt. This is what the four young men wanted.

So, rather than apologize publicly, Long dug deep down inside and found the gall to ask for; take; or whatever; more than $24 million dollars of what has to be mostly church funds, from his church, to pay off his accusers, in his sexual coercion case. Now let’s go over this again; It appears that the situation had been resolved amicably, until the young men demanded some transparency, which in their minds consisted of a public apology from Bishop Long. “Why wouldn’t Long make a public apology, if he had already made a private one?” Was the private apology genuine? I mean really, “shouldn’t Long have done everything in his power, to cut or absolve his church from any financial liability, involving his sex sexual coercion case?”

And you wonder why the world as a whole, behaves as if they hate what the church has become. And they even find it difficult these days to take church leaders seriously.

Essentially, at the end of the day, what had been settled for $2.2 Mil, collectively, rose to $5.5 Mil each…According to reporter Redding, via Hip Hop Wired, in Danielle Canada’s post. Today the young men are to divide $2.2 Mil equally, and receive $400,000.00 in payments over the next 20 years, until the $24.8 Mil is paid in full.

“Does the term educated fool or the word arrogance come to mind?” And again, whose navigating at New Birth? Are the members there simply zombies or what? Who approved these asinine settlement figures. After all, just a few months ago, Long announced that New Birth had to lay off staff and that he took a salary cut??? Did any of those moves have anything to do with Long’s ability to pay off these four young men?

Who has that kind of power in any church? “Surely the members would have to be involved in the approval process of a,  financial pay-out of this magnitude, right?” Did they have all of the facts? Better yet, did they even have a say?

I’m just sick by this and situations like this make me question the character of so-called Christians too…Why even go to a church?


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