What Happens When Modern Day Church, Pride And False Doctrine Joined At The Hip

What Happens When Modern Day Church, Pride And False Doctrine Joined At The Hip.

I thought about this hard and long, before I decided to post about it. I already know that a lot of preacher’s or religiousleader’s as we call them, have a problem when it come’s to calling out “fellow religious leaders.”  But the question is; should they?  If every Christian and religious leader believes in  God and in the Word, then why would any professed religious leader, be reluctant to set a “scripture supported” record straight?  Believe it or not, speaking out or against any religious leader today, can lead to verbal assault or unwarranted anger, between both or all party’s involved.  Even though God’s commands are very cut and dry, regardless of whether or not one believes them to be literal or not, they are what they are. Yet, these same leader’s utilize entire sermons in God’s pulpit, defending things that are flesh inspired and amount to no more than trying to prove false doctrine.

How can church leader’s spend 1-3 hours talking about stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with salvation, how to walk with God or when to ask for forgiveness for your sins. Even more important; Why are so many preachers reluctant to admit when a fellow church leader blatantly sin. We learn from each others sins. In essence, how can a man or woman of God be afraid to discuss man’s errors in his ways, when those errors put the salvation of follower’s at risk?

And to make matters worse, some even take time out to explain why you should forgive a church leader whose in error;  and unlike Bible scripture, modern church leaders always fail to focus on the specifics of an error. This is a spiritual injustice to God’s people. It’s like church leader’s are intentionally hiding things from the people they lead. Somehow they find it easier to just act like it never happened. But, real Christian’s want truth. They don’t want to be coerced into tolerating and ignoring inexcusable behavior from church leaders, simply because they hold powerful or important positions.

We’ve got a lot of people out here who are broken, biased, confused, but still determined to lead. And brokenness alone does not make a religious leader useless. However, biased beliefs and transgressions that weaken one’s ability to lead and tarnish his or her character, can and call for righteous intervention.

Changing God’s Word to suit man-to-man situations is not what God intended.  Real men and women stand up for what’s right and take action to correct that which is wrong. When people allow behavior that’s unacceptable in God’s sight, they also encourage it. When we fail to do what’s right, we lose the Lord‘s favor. Contrary to popular belief, good deeds alone are not enough. To even suggest that a person is good, simply because he or she does good, is dangerous. It’s risky business because God is the only one capable of discerning the heart. He looks deep down inside and determines whether the good was came from good.

God expects leaders and follower’s alike to sacrifice, give up something valuable, expecting nothing in return. When you sacrifice something, you know when it’s gone, because it meant a lot to you, which means it meant even more to Christ.  God doesn’t want anything from us, that don’t mean nothing to us. He expects man to respond appropriately to spiritual transgressions that hurt other people. Church leaders and followers have to put pride aside.

He hates pride. Pro. 8:13; 11:2; 16:5; 18-19.

God expects us to put our relationship with him above all other relationships. When we do, he puts us first.  Too much pride won’t allow you to do that. Instead, it causes you to eventually stumble and fall.

From the Sermon Note Book; http://www.sermonnotebook.org/old%20testament/2%20Chronicles%207_14.htm

Here are the evidences of pride in a life: Recognize any of them in yours?

1. Pride refuses to listen, it always interrupts others.

2. Pride likes to talk about itself all the time.

3. Pride has an intense desire to be noticed.

4. Pride believes that it deserves everything it gets.

5. Pride is not thankful.

6. Pride cannot be corrected.

7. Pride does not like to follow instructions.

8. Pride exalts itself in the presence of others; it brags.

9. Pride criticizes and tries to makes itself look better by putting others down.

10. Pride thinks of its own needs first.


3 thoughts on “What Happens When Modern Day Church, Pride And False Doctrine Joined At The Hip

  1. We hear it time and again from nonbelievers. Rejecting GOD based on their own observations and experience, which of course they have none. Its made up of pure ignorance. Its like someone stating they don’t believe in a million dollar bill, all because they’ve never seen one. Have they ever attempted to see one? Nope. Because they don’t care one way or the other. All they care about is themselves and their own cause. Forget any idea of principle that involves giving up something. This is how nonbelievers have always thought. They fail to see their own lack of courage and their complete weakmindedness and lack of control over their own life. They willfully participate in indentured slavery of society, promoting the corruption and all things that millions continue to complain about in the world. They support all the things they bitch about. All except religion. They try to blame and reject it of all things. All because they have been deceived by the world that religion causes bad things. Yes. It does. WHEN ITS FALSE. Islam is a prime example of what a false religion does. Christianity is a prime example of what a religion does if bad people wear it. But in TRUTH, Christianity is nothing bad at all. It does not promote violence. It promotes a spiritual existence as opposed to a material one. If everyone were more spiritual, we would see less selfishness in the world. Because this would short circuit materialism. Thus causing the evil entity that promotes materialism to fail.

    For the record. I do not belong to a church. Nor do i support them considering they have fallen away from GOD’s TRUTH. So there is no brotherhood between me and the fools who have been deceived. The Holy Bible is my only source of TRUTH.

    Those who blatantly oppose religion are extremely narrowminded and naive. They don’t even see what is happening to their own life because of their lack of religion. Get up and go to work doing some stinking job, making some guy richer. Just to get paid and buy things, just to make some other guy richer. Then do it all over again tomorrow. A sensless and meaningless existence that promotes nothing but the corruption they are supporting each and every day. They make YOU terrible. And you’re too blind to know it. Those who are courageous enough to break free from supporting bad things in this world will likely find GOD and promote all the good things that are becoming seen as bad by the world. All the while, being gay is being promoted as something natural and good. What a twisted society we are now living in.

  2. Not only am I not religious, I believe that religions are man’s worst invention. Humans have been butchering one another over silly religious ideologies throughout history, and this practice continues to the present day. Everybody believes that theirs is the one true faith, when in fact people’s beliefs are generally the result of demographics. A child born to Jewish parents in Israel is more likely to be Jewish as an adult than a child born to Southern Baptists in Arkansas, and that child is more likely to be Christian than a child born to Muslim parents in Pakistan. Simple enough?

    To your point: preachers, like cops, belong to a sort of brotherhood. As such, they are careful not to criticize each other. That is to be expected. They are no different than you or I who protect our friends or family members against strangers, even when we know they did something wrong; it’s human nature.

    Nobody knows what God thinks, what God wants, or if there is a God…

  3. I like how you are religious (I am not) but you have the facts to back up your beliefs. I get the feeling you don’t want to push anything down people’s collective throats. Wish other religious groups are like that. Today every one is an extremists. Your whole narrative was beautiful to read. Thanks for linking up to my site.

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